Sawari’s marina is a natural harbour hosting a variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and other entertainment options carefully selected to suit the preferences of visitors
Marina services

The marina will offer a full complement of services, ranging from metered electricity and water supply to internet access and cable television, as well as 24-hour security
Marina Piazza

The exquisitely designed marina piazza will host an open air community marketplace for local craftsmen to display their handiwork and artists to demonstrate their talents
Yacht club

This ultra-luxurious club offers exclusive membership to Sawari residents and yacht-owners; it is an idyllic place to wine and dine and relax with friends after a day of yachting or sailing on the calm Red Sea waters
Sporting activities

Tired of relaxing? Sawari offers plenty of active fun ranging from water sports like snorkelling, diving and water skiing to land-based sports like biking and jogging along a luxurious pedestrian promenade, beach volleyball and horseback riding
Pedestrian promenade

Sawari’s extensive pedestrian promenade offers more than two kilometers of boutique shopping, restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment venues, in addition to an exclusive yacht club and three luxury hotels
Luxury & Boutique hotels

For visitors, several luxury and boutique hotels within Sawari, or within our Sahl Hasheesh community, will offer the best in stylish comfort

With an exquisite variety of tantalizing options on the beachfront, the promenade or within our luxury hotels, no two meals need stimulate you the same way

The man-made lagoon offers a delightful alternative to the beach for sunbathing
Water taxi

The water taxi offers Sawari residents and guests a lively alternative mode of transportation